BARRIER FREE MEDIA  is a media production and community organization established by Adam Cohoon and Fotis Kanteres focused on the production of film and media in a manner that combines contemporary filmmaking with an explicit accommodation for accessibility. Led by the knowledge, experience and perspective of Adam Cohoon, Photographer, Filmmaker & Accessibility Advocate, and Fotis Kanteres, Filmmaker, Anthropologist, and Epidemiologist. This endeavor continues and builds upon the work of both artists, which includes traditional and contemporary forms of media (visual, video), producing a series of short films and works for live events, internet and broadcast, aiming to provide a rapid and accessible (free) form of the work, allowing for greater depth for each collaboration, segment and production process.

Adam Cohoon and Fotis Kanteres first met in 2014 at the innoversity conference. They connected through their shared interest in filmmaking, art, and desire to represent perspectives that have been marginalized or barriered. This spoke directly to the work of Adam, himself a filmmaker artist with a physical disability, he epitomized a perspective and process, that to his initiation and entry into the arts was never represented – as someone with his specific barriers being an active equal producer and contributor to the actual creative and making of film art. To his experience and understanding the person with a disability, while possibly being the focus of the work, and even in a respectful and favourable manner, was nevertheless barred from the actual ‘making’ of the work.