Ken Harrower is a trained actor, writer, playwright, singer/songwriter, and disability and LGBTQ activist who has appeared in multiple award winning films as well as having received attention in the news media about his work. His impressive and substantial career are all the more impressive when contextualized with the substantial barriers he faced, having been raised in the foster care system of Manitoba in the 1960s, living with significant physical disability, facing utter misunderstanding to his life state as people considered him mentally disabled and of low intelligence, counter to the reality, adding to the fact that he was and is also gay. As such Ken faced immense discrimination and homophobia, abuse, and barriers, physical, emotional, psychological, simply trying to grow up and be himself. To his immense credit, he endured and developed, overcoming immense challenge and barrier, and eventually becoming an actor, whose work is award winning, who is also , who is currently working on his own one-man play.

This film project will explore Ken's life and perspective, exploring him world and works, exploring what his expression is when he is Barrier Free. In an ambitious leap, this project also aims to transcend with Ken, going back to his beginnings in Flin Flon, Manitoba, where the sad rumour has it he was discovered in a trash dumpster, and on to Carrot River Saskatchewan, where the birth parents he never met are buried. Exploring some form of understanding and closure.